What am I up to?

  I'm currently playing through Nier Replicant...the main characters give me a lot of joy but it contrasts so sharply with their despair and tragedies.
 I've also been playing a lot of Stardew Valley since the update got released. Sam is my husbando. 🧡  Other games that I've been playing on the side are Splitgate, and Sonic Adventure 2. I find Splitgate's portal feature super fun.

 In anime, I've been watching Wind Breaker and Kaiju No. 8!! Haruka Sakura is such a cute tsundere I can't help myself sometimes ^^;

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Thanks for stopping by my site. I'm just your average guy by the name of Paul or, my online handle smolpawel. My interests include retrocomputing, programming, gaming, photography, drawing, and bicycling. If you are so inclined, you may send me some mail.

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